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Alton  Higgins

As a former design engineer with Heath Kit (before their untimely death as a kit manufacturer), I frequently attended the Dayton Hamfest. We have a fairly large one near Atlanta, that I've been going to for over 20 years.
Virtually all my ham gear is "reconditioned" stuff that I bought from ham fests (not to mention my Heath Kit stuff), never spent over $300 at a ham fest, and have an excellent collection of "restored" gear, including a Denton Clipperton L (good for a cool 1.5 Kw +). Hope ham fests will continue indefinitely!
Alton Higgins, W4VFZ (licensed in 1952), GA ARES EC for Towns Co., GA.

John P.

Hi, Alton - great to hear you still have your Heathkit rigs going. Over the years I built a Heath keyer, SWR bridge, QRP rig and a few other things but don't have any of them any more. Right now, if you look me up on QRZ.com you will see the left side of my operating table is new gear (K3, ALS-600, MFJ-998 tuner) and the right side is all old/used (my 1991 TS-850, MFJ tuner from Ebay, Titan 425 used from a ham in NC).

But, all my paddles are new!

Steve Silverman

You weren't the only ham at Dayton that was seduced by that Begali Sculpture Mono. I met several others who succumbed including myself. No regrets, that is one fine instrument, which in the right fingertips, can help to generate really good CW. If we could only make it enforce perfect character to character spacing! Steve KB3SII


John, that's one fine SPDT switch, er, paddle that you have there.

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