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in case you did not have the formula handy your 18 ft boat can do 6.5 mile/hour

1.54X (LWL)^.5


This site has given me a wonderful knowledge about kayak. I have learned a lot now about the value of them. That was very nice.


What is the diameter of front rubber hatch cover on Nemo, Ilost mine, it sinks like lead and for some reason its no tethered to the boat. My email is amit44444@hotmail.com

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I have a kayak in my house, sometimes when my family goes on vacation I use it, is an unforgettable experience for everyone. I believe that not only agree with the writer about these small personal boats!

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hi, well I have a long time reading all your post, and I'm not an expert, but what do you preffer, speed or stability??
because I hate ocean, and sharks, and I preffer going slowly that fall in the ocean OMG!!!

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