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I've been looking for this Potomac circuit paddle! My Dad used to take the family canoeing regularly when I was little, and this was a favorite spot. 40 years later I've become a kayak nut and want to go back. I've got a 12' recreational yak - do you think it would do, or too long? How much portaging was necessary? yay!

John P.

Hi, Jess - a 12 ft rec kayak would do just fine. I was in my 13 ft rec boat, Carole was in a 9.5 foot Dagger.

If you put in at Violet's Lock, you have about a 200 ft carry from the parking area to the river. If you take out at Pennyfield by following the stream from the Potomac under the aqueduct that carrys the canal over the stream, there is only a 50 ft carry from there to where you put in on the canal. Then back at Pennyfield, the canal is right at the parking area - hardly any carry at all there.

Metro Ethernet

oh my God I'm so jealous of you guys, this most be and incredible experience....
some day I'm gonna join you

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