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Nick Owen

Love the Penicillin analogy. I have heard two-factor authentication described by a consultant as "the biggest bang for your security buck". Of course, as a two-factor vendor I'm biased.

I think the lack of two-factor is mostly an ignorance of the risks on the part of non-IT people and partially cost - but also the hassle of hardware tokens.

Sec Nerd

I don't think there has been ignorance of risks, mostly a real *absence* of incidents. Phishing and spyware changed that - thus much more willingness by enterprises and ecommerce companies to try to move beyond reusable passwords.

I used to describe reusable passwords as a boulder in a valley - very hard to dislodge. Everyone liked to think they were a marble on a mountaintop, but it required a combination of real threats (real gain in moving away from reusable passwords) and reduced cost approaches (less pain)

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