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Hi John!
Nice article nice memory!
I hope to see you on the air next.hi

Atsu, JE1TRV


Great to see you resumed writing your blog, John!

Thank you for visiting us and we really had a great time.

See you on the air sometime.

Say hello to Carole for me.

73 de JJ8KGZ Leo

John P.

Atsu and Leo - last night at 2300Z, I worked JH0INP and JA0FVU on 12m with FB signals. I will look for you guys there over the weekend - but I guess you would have to be up early in the morning!


Hi John,

It was a pity we could not talk a lot on the radio last night. 40m is always tough on 40m for the east coasts in this season. 20m could have been much better around 11~12Z.

It was a pleasure for me to see you in eye ball at Atsu's home. I wished we could had much more time together. Maybe next time. Bt that time, I will get a little bit bigger car for Carole hi.

Take care. It was good of you to visit our country in such a disaster.


John P.

Hi, Shin - I could hear you on 20m, but very low and you did not hear me. I had a nice QSO with JA1KIH on 17M last week at about 2100z - when 17m or 15m is open, my Windom is much higher!

73, John K3TN

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